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Have Kelburne Ladies finally turned that corner?  [22/03/15]

Kelburne, by their own admission, would have to agree, that they've put in some pretty woeful performances this season - games that they should have won they've lost badly; games that they were winning they threw away needlessly.  

Now, they are a very young team - propped up by the experience of seasoned campaigners such as keeper Lauren Grant, utility lady, Stevie Mcinally, Elaine Brierly and the ever-green Frances Mckeown - but, on-pitch naivety has been the name of the game this season as the youngsters gift the ball to the opposition, creating all sorts of unnecessary problems within any given 70 minutes played.  It all sadly fell apart early in the season and it didn't really get a whole lot better, with the exception of the odd inspired performance.

Coach Adam Bain must have be pulling his hair out as he watches a side that are definitely capable of a comfortable mid-table position for most of a season. But, this season they've languished bottom for a lot of the time.  However, they are well capable of pulling a great performance out of the proverbial hockey hat - and yesterday they did just that, against a Cala Edinburgh side that have been no pushover at any time this season.

Instead of waiting half a game to get up and running, yesterday Kelburne ladies came out all guns blazing, right from the start!  Well they had no real option anyway - a loss or even a draw would have meant instant relegation!  It was a great performance from a side that were desperate, but didn't have time to look desperate.  Two well worked goals, from a Kelburne side that looked like they were actually smiling as they played and enjoyed a long overdue, good team performance under the warm spring sun.

For Cala Edinburgh it looked like misery after a great three points against Dundee Wanderers the week before.  And they threatened Kelburne with some good counter attacks with the talented Amber McNeill at the helm, but the ladies from Paisley defended well, including a great performance from keeper Lauren Grant.  

It was Kelburne's day, but, it's done now and it's far from over yet.  They've potentially turned a corner, after a performance that will give them a real boost, as they head along the final straight and those all-important play-offs.

FINAL SCORE: Kelburne 2  Cala Edinburgh 0

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