Edinburgh University - ready and waiting.

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Mind games? Kelburne looking very relaxed in the pre-match line-up.

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The parting of the red sea: Kelburne run riot as Edinburgh Uni fail to turn up.

Whilst the newly crowned champions, Kelburne, came into this Scottish Cup final most likely as favourites, there was real anticipation that Edinburgh University - a team loaded with talent right now - would give them a hard fought match; maybe even a classic.  Who knows where an on-form university side could have taken this.  But the hard fact is, not for want of trying, they never got going - certainly not in the first half.

And Kelburne had already won the game by the end of the first 35 minutes anyway with a impressive 3-0 lead.  Indeed, 12 minutes in and they were 2-0 up - and to be brutally honest - cruising.

There's no point in labouring over why Edinburgh University barely got off the starting blocks - they just didn't get it together as a team.  They had a bad group-day, on the wrong day.

To be fair they were a bit better in the second half, and one of their star men, the highly experienced internationalist, Dan Coultas, got them a consolation goal, thanks to his trademark drag-flick.  But, by that point the men in red were four goals down anyway.

So what about Kelburne and those four goals.  Well, it was the usual clinical display from the men from Paisley.  It would start to get boring if it wasn't so bleeding good to watch.  Any weakness or vulnerability shown is quickly jumped upon - and it only took 6 minutes yesterday with Ben Peterson switching the green light on, with a goal that paved the way for what ultimately could have been a goal-fest.  It wasn't quite a goal-fest in the end, but with goal 2 coming six minutes later from Ross McPherson, it was starting to look that familiar Kelburne way.  And then on 25 minutes Ben Peterson got his second and Kelburne's third - game over unfortunately.

As mentioned, Edinburgh University were better in the second half.  They had to be.  Kelburne weren't easing off, and centre stage was young Lee Morton who was outstanding.

Kelburne may not have ran riot goals wise (4-1 was pretty tame all things considered), but they were all over their opposition.  But, Lee Morton did run riot - every time he picked up the ball the arena held its breath as he speeded past players for fun.  You can't point the finger at anyone for letting that happen - it's happening more and more as each week goes by.  Lee Morton surely has to be one of the most exciting players Scotland's seen in years?

The fourth Kelburne goal was his, and goodness did he own it, as he covered what seemed like acres of ground, by-passing everyone and entering the university circle and reversing it past the defence and the keeper.  Great goal - fantastic solo performance.

So, Kelburne do the double, and they'll be looking forward to the play-offs and a certain Euro competition at Glasgow Green in May.

FINAL SCORE:  Kelburne 4  Edinburgh University 1

Team performances rated:

Bromac Kelburne ★★★★☆

Edinburgh University ★★☆☆☆

MOM:  Lee Morton ★★★★★

Andy Lovat 11:35hrs - 03/04/2016

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