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Scotland U21's come close, but that final ball let's them down against a solid India side.

Similar game to the second encounter between the two sides on Sunday, May 5th. It was a first half of India holding on to the ball at the back until the best pass was on.

But they didn't have it all their own way with Scotland having a number of attacks themselves, only to find that through ball and final pass frustratingly not quite good enough. And India scored from a penalty corner early on which could have been the death-knell on the Scottish girls positivity, but it not in the slightest: they kept on battling.

The second half was full of positive attitude and proved to be far more productive from a passing point of view.

India has a population of millions - hockey is huge over there. Back in the 60's and 70's, India was consciously regarded as the "Home of Hockey". Holland is doing now - professional players; hockey stadiums with big attendances - what India was doing four decades ago, so it's no surprise that these India Junior women are so good - and they are really good.

So all credit to our girls for not only holding the score to 0-1, but for playing an attack-minded game where they came close to scoring themselves - albeit they weren't given many opportunities by a great Indian midfield and defence.

A special mention has to go to Indian defender, Deva Pinki, who is a superb player.

All the Scotland girls gave it their best, with good performances all round. Man of the Match for me was Maisie Morris (pictured above) who has Senior Cap written all over her. And she's not the only one with that possible future. FINAL SCORE: Scotland Ladies U21's 0 India Junior Ladies 1. [Titwood - 10/05/2013] Andy Lovat.

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