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Goal!  It's a 15 goal shooting gallery as Kelburne lift the National 1 title for the 11th year running:  [14/03/15]

The men from Paisley showed today why they're still the best side in Scotland (by possibly a country mile), with a superb, passing-game  performance that summed up the way, as a club, they've been playing hockey for a lot longer than the last eleven years. The way they play - regardless of personnel (whether they started as club juniors, or players adopted from other clubs)  - remains under the same strict, club ethos/culture that's been there for at least three decades - train our way, play our way; it's our way or the highway.

Granted, that's an outsider's opinion, looking in, on a club that's certainly employed one "system" that's never failed them throughout the years - letting the ball do the work.  It's that simple.  Well, it appears to be, to them.

Anyway, what about yesterday.  Well, with the greatest respect to Inverleith, Kelburne - with the exception of the odd short corner - walked  most of their 15 goals in.  Their passing game was, as usual, concise and accurate.  Inverleith were frankly overwhelmed by wave after wave of attacks - but all credit to the men from the capital city, they never gave up trying and their keeper did everything in his power to keep the scoreline down. In fairness,  they were missing at least a couple of key players.  But, Kelburne were missing a couple of key players as well...goodness knows what the final scoreline would have been had the Christie brothers been in town.  (And even further good news for Kelburne. The Christie brothers, Johnny and Michael, were at a wedding in the Lothian region.  Yes, they've apparently made it out of Bathgate alive!)

Man of the Match has to be Lee Morton, who edges it over some others, incorporated within a solid team performance, in a game that was kept flowing really well by umpires Martin Monaghan and Fraser Bell.

What happened to Inverleith yesterday could have probably have happened to a handful of teams in National 1. They were on the wrong end of a great performance - from a young side with so much more to give - and a suitable scoreline, that sums up another great season from a club that now boasts 11 league titles in a row.

FINAL SCORE:  Kelburne 15  Inverleith 0

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