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Kelburne Men's 2's through to District Cup Final, but Hillhead ran them close, for a while:  [22/03/15]

Hillhead Men's 2's were a team of two halves today.  First half - with the exception of the odd breakaway - they struggled, under the relentless Kelburne pressure,  to get out of their own half.  Second half, and already 3-0 down, they came out a totally different side with their first touches more disciplined and their passing far more effective.  And it was all to the good as they launched an incredible comeback against a well organised, good, solid Kelburne side.

Two goals from Jimmy "JLS" Lynch-Small brought Hillhead right back into the mix at 3-2 after some great build up play on both goals.

But, Kelburne's set pieces had been lethal in the first half and two opportunities near the end of the 70 minutes saw them put two more away - 5-2 the final score.

It was inspired stuff from a Hillhead side that looked completely out of it at half-time, but ultimately the best side won.  Kelburne Men's 2's will face Clydesdale Men's 2's in the final.

Click here for highlights.

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