His father's keeper.

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Hats off to him!

The late Vincent Forrester will be looking down with real pride as he watches his son David playing for the Scotland Senior Men's squad this weekend.

Vincent was a keen goalkeeper himself in his Hillhead days. Joining Hillhead in 1988, Vincent brought his merry band of lawyers to the club - they were all a product of summer hockey and quickly fitted in well in the world of "real" hockey. Vincent may have been of "rotund" build, but he was a really competent goalkeeper, a keeper who pulled off saves that frankly defied gravity and speed combined, if not logic!

Vincent may no longer be with us but he definitely handed down his goalkeeping talents to son David! (Well that's what Vincent would tell us if he was still here!)

David Forrester started at Hillhead as a junior, alongside younger brother Daniel and older brother Vincent Jr. David's rise as a keeper was pretty rapid, and after learning his trade at Hillhead he played for Edinburgh University where he studied law. Since then David has played down south and now plays at top club Cannock. Hillhead are mighty proud of all their players - past and present - who have pulled on the Scotland shirt. Vincent will be beaming with pride up there. He might even be bragging, a teency-wee bit, about his boy!

Hats off to both of them!

Andy Lovat [27/06/2015]

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