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Disappointment for the Cats as Edinburgh University continue their total league dominance.

It's unlikely that even bravest betting person would have put serious money on Western Wildcats Ladies actually winning this home tie yesterday, the play-off for possible European hockey. But, whilst Edinburgh University had most of the possession right from the start, the Cats were completely undaunted and showed great confidence throughout the match.

The final score of 5-0 to the university girls, in this first leg match, was a show-piece of what they've been doing all season against most opposition - scoring lots of goals. But, Wildcats had defended brilliantly at times and will feel unlucky, certainly disappointed, that they conceded the amount that they did. Player/Coach Kaz Marshall put in a great shift at the back, alongside Lucy MacArthur, Zoe Sinclair and the talented youngsters Catriona Booth and goalkeeper Susan Al-Haddad.

Western Wildcats were under a lot of pressure, but it didn't stop them making some great counter attacks - and that, unfortunately, is where the real disappointment will have kicked-in post match. They had at least four clear-cut chances, two of them were right in front of goal, but they couldn't put them away. Any other day, yes, but not yesterday.  The Cats' strike-force gave it everything, including Rachel Houghton, who had a great game, but they had no joy in front of goal.

Now, if Western Wildcats had put away their chances, the final score would probably have been 5-3 in favour of the university ladies, not 5-0. But then there's the chances that the university women missed, too.  The Cats defence foiled many a university attack turning into a goal - but, on top of the goals they scored, Edinburgh missed a handful right in front of goal themselves.  

So, with chances missed at both ends, 5-0 is probably about right.  And at the end of the day you can't take anything away from Edinburgh University.  It was a fascinating game that saw them slightly flustered at times, as they came up against a Western Wildcats side who are not by any means the full package yet, but undoubtedly well organised.

However, flustered or not, Edinburgh were ruthless as they carried out the business at hand : goals make prizes, and five goals with no comeback in the first match of a two leg play-off is the perfect passport to finals day. And there was some good, solid performances in there, including Heather Lang (who can't stop scoring goals), Louise Campbell, Camilla Lyttle and Ali Eadie.

And today, in the second leg match through in Edinburgh, the university ladies finished the job with a 2-0 win.  Western Wildcats can hold their heads high this weekend - they fought hard against a really strong side that are yet to be beaten in a league fixture.

Edinburgh University, meanwhile, are playing on a high, and head to Glasgow Green next weekend and the grand finals.

FINAL SCORE: Saturday, April 25th - Western Wildcats 0 Edinburgh University 5

                           Sunday, April 26th -    Edinburgh University 2 Western Wildcats 0

For highlights from yesterday's game click here . 

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